Call it what you will. Most people who attended a live show of Naomi Sample & the Go Go Ghosts went home heavily disturbed. Confused by the sound of their music - somewhere between arcade games from the eighties, punkers in the factory and electro pop from the future. Amused by their "special" sense of humor, with bad jokes which destroyed all boundaries of behavior. Shocked by the live performance including apelike movements, burning helmets, lots of alcohol, self-destruction, confetti and pyrotechnics. But finally inspired by the shameless celebration of chaos while not taking themselves too seriously.




Naomi Sample is the producer of the project. He uses old machines like Commodore 64, Gameboy, and toy instruments together with the latest technologies of Cubase, different synthesisers and a library of samples to produce the backline for their live shows. On stage he plays his Microkorg, percussion and backing vocals. He is the energetic, accident prone, part time joker of the band.

naomi sample
TIMMO (The Face)

Timmo is the voice and face of the band. His dirty sense of humor is the special ingredient of the whole project. The way Timmo reaches the hearts of the audience is still a kind of magic. See him live on stage with all the important emotions from boredom to party obsessive. While telling stories, laughing, joking and shouting he sometimes plays toy instruments. Timmo is the only man on Earth to survive the Niki Lauda Stunt more than 111 times.


When Nolde has a vision for Naomi Sample & the Go Go Ghosts, this idea usually comes true. It may seem like Nolde is a man of few words, but he is one of life's doers. Half man half machine - he isn't just the tourbus driver hes also is brilliant in playing two finger solos on his Yamaha-Keyboard while simultaneously drinking lots of beer with the other hand. Nolde is the heart of the band which keeps the whole system alive.

nolde europa

Naomi Sample & the Go Go Ghosts were founded back in 2004 when Naomi Sample got an email from the Micromusic Brussels Headquarters. They didn't realise that by simply asking him to play a live show they triggered a ever growing project. Naomi didn't know how to perform his solo songs live, so without hesitation asked a friend with a unique sense of humor to help him with the live show. Timmo agreed, so they just needed a third person to be a real band. One night later Naomi met a musician called Carsten, who he'd known for a long time, at a local pub in Lüneburg, Germany. While eating a midnight pizza together they made plans for the first band meeting. Three weeks later the three very different guys had their roles and were rehearsed for the first show in Belgium. Carsten (Nolde Royal) would play an old Yamaha keyboard, Naomi Sample an old Hohner and a Commodore 64 with keyboard overlay, while Timo (Timmo) told funny stories with an energetic voice and shouted bewildering things to the audience. The concept hasn't changed much over the years but has developed in many respects.

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